Calling all fabulous entrepreneurs to join the Fabpreneur Project!

Starting your own business can be a lonely task involving working long hours, lots of multi-tasking and simultaneously keeping a family going. Before you know it, you can find yourself isolated from the outside world; your social life stems solely from your social media and your followers are your virtual friends. I have been there and done that so know exactly how it feels!

It all started with a cup of coffee

Then one day I sat down to have a coffee with a mum who shared with me how great she felt it would be if she could start her own Kids’ Studio; her face started to glow as she give me every detail of her business idea. She looked so happy until she got to the part that involved renting a space as she felt that this would be just too much of a financial risk. The end result was that she couldn’t see any way of being able to afford to secure a place from which to run her dream business.
As our conversation progressed, we exchanged all kinds of ideas and alternatives, looking at ways in which she could profit from her passion of wanting to work with children. It didn’t take long for a smile to appear as she realized her dream could in fact become reality.
Fast forward to today and after a couple of years and several conversations between us she is now launching her own online business, selling kiddy products that will help to self-regulate the emotions of children.

The magic happens

This is what can happen when you get together and share ideas; a community full of like-minded people will pick you up when you are down and show you a light at the end of the tunnel. With this in mind, I realized that I needed to form a group that would allow those who joined to see their projects with different eyes – more positive ones.
And so The Fabpreneur Project was born; a support group that encourages, motivates and trains you whilst providing the tools to make the magic happen.
The Fabpreneur Project has one goal and that is to spread the word as to how women who make the choice to take care of their families and also break into the business world can achieve financial independence and self-fulfillment – and they can accomplish all of this by doing what they love and without sacrificing the raising of their family.

How can you join The Fabpreneur Project?

All you need to do is fill out form below. You will then receive information on how to join our monthly talk, details of the next training sections and what to do if you wish to book a one-on-one coaching session.
Get in touch with me today as I can’t wait to hear from you and begin to share ideas.