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Here is how I turned my own idea into a profitable business.

Like you, I was told to follow the path of success, find a corporate job, build a career, retire and live life happily ever after. But this was not for me; I went against the odds and decided to take a detour to define success in my own terms.I am Fabiola; author, entrepreneur, business owner and a mom of two – the ones who keep me busy and motivated to do what I love the most.

Before achieving success in my business, there were many challenges, doubting moments and long hours of hard work; no-one had said it would be easy but I knew deep inside that it would all be worth it.

The story of my humble beginnings, fueled by determination and courage

Before I became an entrepreneur, I worked in Corporate America after my graduation school years.

My beginnings were tough. As an immigrant to the United States, there were a ton of life lessons to learn and a new language to master but most of all, a great opportunity like no other; a chance to pursue my dream.

Transitioning from being a journalist to becoming an entrepreneur was not a stroke of luck. I made this happen due to my commitment to build a lifestyle that would empower me to grow professionally whilst keeping the family as my number-one job.

After having my first child and determined to be a stay-at-home mom, I decided to put my Digital Marketing experience to work and a build my own online business. My first product, still well-known worldwide, was something so simple but with a great potential. I didn’t re-invent the wheel; I made a better version of the wheel and ran with it. Within a few years, I was making a 6 figure income working from home, to my own schedule and on my own terms.

Since then, the long working hours and the determination to make it happen have landed me with multiple opportunities; writing books, Tu Negocio Online, Hecho Facil, (hard copy)and, Your Business Online Made Easy (digital format), given numerous talks and enjoyed the opportunity of teaching others how to build a successful business, by someone who has already done it.

Where, when and how it all happens!

Most projects are born in my living room but the greatest ideas have come to me in the most unexpected moments.

I still have my heart in my first business NoseSecret.com and I can’t let my loyal customers down so the website is still up and running. Check it out now!

While my personal blog had been on and off, the new blog, HolaFab.com is packed with great tips, advice and powerful information as to how you can juggle family and business, all under one roof. Subscribe today –it’s FREE!

I love what I do and this is my time to share and give back.

I have also started The Fabpreneur Project so that I can offer training, advice and support to other solo online business owners. Check it out now at www.Fabpreneur.com and join with me!

It can take a village to make certain things happen and with this in mind, I work with a group of developers, designers, social media and content writing professionals who are all available to you via our marketing service agency SoloWebMarketing. Take a look at our shop!

Let’s connect and get social. It’s FREE, fun and so exhilarating!

While not in the office, picking up my kids from school or just working from home, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and a silky Swiss chocolate.

My time to work-out is non-negotiable. I believe that a good mind- body connection generates great synergy.

Let’s catch up; drop me a line or email me at info@fabioladiamond.com


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